Shingles is caused by the virus that causes chicken pox, Varicella zoster.  Whether you have had chicken pox or you have had the chicken pox vaccine, you are at risk for Shingles.  The vaccine is recommended for all adults 50 years or older.

Shingles usually manifests as a blistering rash that has associated pain, burning and/or itching.  It typically occurs in a limited distribution on one side of the body.  The most commonly affected areas are the face, chest/back or abdomen/back.  The blistering rash usually lasts less than 2 weeks; however, the pain can last anywhere from days to months.

The vaccine decreases the likelihood of getting Shingles and it decreases the period of time someone may have pain from Shingles.

The medical professionals at Infectious Disease Physicians, P.A. offer Shingrix, along with other recommended vaccinations for adults.