We provide in our Infectious Disease Clinic up to date risk evaluation, vaccination, and general travel advice. We also offer counseling for specific situations that may arise in international travel of people with particular conditions, such as immunodeficiency.

Individuals planning to travel to other countries should be up to date on routine immunizations and, depending on their destination, duration of travel, and planned activities, may also need to receive certain travel-specific vaccines. We have up to date software that takes into consideration the exact place-by-place itinerary and factors that are particular to the prospective traveler.

We have a comprehensive travel evaluation that includes immunizations, malaria prevention, and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea. We also provide education and strategies to avoid insect bites, traumatic injuries and food borne disease. We provide strategies to ensure the safety of food and water consumed during travel.

An appointment can be easily scheduled by calling to our office at (305) 595 4590. Our personal will take the initial travel information in preparation for a comprehensive evaluation at the time of the office visit.